February 24, 2020

By Tara Brooks (Naturopath)   Anxiety not only affects the brain with repetitive thoughts and excessive thinking, but it affects the whole body. The sympathetic nervous system, or what is more commonly know as the ‘flight or fight’ state, increases the heart rate, reduces digestion and increases adrenalin, as well as numerous other physiological changes. […]

December 20, 2019

Written by Hannah Sutton Are you planning to do some jet-setting these holidays?  Do you want to avoid the dreaded jetlag?  Here is a simple and effective method you can use to reset your body clock using acupressure. What is Jetlag? Jetlag occurs when crossing time zones as it upsets the normal circadian rhythm of […]

February 23, 2019

Tired all the time?  Do you have trouble getting to sleep?  Staying asleep?  Avoid going to bed? Written by Nicolette Truscott Sleep is an important time for the body to rest and repair.  It is essential for normal day to day mental and physical function.   The effects of poor sleep can be wide reaching and […]

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