July 10, 2020

Written by Camille Scott – Remedial Massage Therapist

Have you ever laid down on a massage table at the start of your appointment, felt your body relax down and realised how much tension you were holding? Perhaps you made the appointment because you started out with a small twinge in your back but figured it would sort itself out and now you can barely sit down.

Or maybe for you it’s at the end of the day when you finally sit down and realise how sore your body feels, after a long day.

Its common that these small moments are when we become acutely aware of our own body and the fatigue, strain or pains we have been ignoring. Busy days and schedules mean that we don’t often get a chance to check in with how we are feeling.

Quite often pain or discomfort is something that we consider to be annoying or disruptive but what if we were to think of it as the way that our body commands our attention and calls our awareness to these areas so that we can do something about it. We start to see how tuning into this in built alert system can change not only the way we feel about our pain but also the way we manage it. As we become more and more in tune with our body and its signals, we have the potential to catch these changes faster and before they become unbearable or require major intervention.

Here are some small ways to start to draw awareness back into your body during the course of your day:

  • Check in with your shoulders

Once you start noticing this one, you will be surprised how often you catch them up around your ears! Roll your shoulders back and down, away from your ears. Are they feeling tight? Keep rolling for a minute or two to increase movement and circulation.

  • Check in with your jaw

This is one of the most common places for tension to hide. Unclench your jaw and take a few deep breaths into your belly. Notice the change in your body with this simple adjustment.

  • Keep warm in winter

Bracing against the cold will usually see those shoulders coming up again…bundle up with a good scarf and beanie to keep your neck warm

  • Stretch!

We all know we should be doing it, especially when we are working at a desk all day. Try adding in some shoulder and neck rotations and forward bends throughout the day and take those opportunities to see how your body feels while you’re moving. This is great way to discover what is feeling tight and what is feeling good.

  • Breathe

Taking three full deep breaths into your belly is the quickest, simplest way to ground yourself back into your physical body. You can incorporate a full body scan into this practice. Simply begin with the crown of your head and move down the body noticing each part until you end at the soles of the feet.

And of course…

  • Book yourself in for some regular bodywork!

One of my favorite ways to really slow down and feel into my body is to get a regular massage. It is the perfect setting to give yourself permission to relax into the table and become completely aware of any areas that are calling out for attention with the added bonus of having those same areas assisted by your massage therapist. Regular sessions help to get on top of any problem areas before it becomes painful.

If you would like to book an appointment with Camille you can call the clinic on (03) 5429 3610 or book online by clicking the link below.

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