June 2, 2020

A bit like a Picasso painting of the weeping women

Or the kid in the old HBA Advert?

“when the crocodile bit my guts out, my head went that way and my body went that way. “

Written by Pia Laura Civitarese (Kinesiologist)

  • Sometimes change can feel dramatic, feeling like you are at sixes and sevens, even at odds with the rhythm of your life.
  • You may have felt stuck and stagnant, but this chaos has given you permission to let go of the old way of doing things.
  • It has been exciting, scary and at the same time, opportunities for creating different ways of how you now do life.

Pia Laura – Life in Grace Kinesiology is back at In Symmetry

I am so excited to once again be able to offer one on one Kinesiology sessions at In Symmetry starting this Friday 5 June 2020. We had only just begun to get to know each other before all the changes.

The winds of change have certainly blown in and offered us an opportunity to change our view of our world to a new perspective and access what is now profoundly important in our life.

This time has allowed resetting and imagining for many of us. How do you anchor, centre yourself while moving towards those new visions?
Let me assist you in partnership to navigate your journey, resetting your Quantum Core* and find bounce in your step towards creating your new normal.

Throughout this amazing time, I have been working with several clients through delivery of online Skype/video sessions, which clients have reported that they receive as much as in person sessions.

I am offering: –

• Standard 60-minute Kinesiology sessions

• Introduction to Kinesiology session (once only) is available to see if Kinesiology is for you (short session 30 mins)

• Longer Kinesiology sessions, normally discussed with me prior or if you require at time by negotiation (90 minutes)

• I now also offer online Video sessions, to respect were you are currently at or if not yet ready for a face to face session.  Contact me directly on 0419 207 116 OR email: pialaura@insymmetry.com.au

To Book a session with me at In Symmetry starting this Friday 5 June 2020 please call the clinic call directly: 03 5429 3610 or via the online booking service, click on the link below.



*Quantum Core Reset is based on what is your potential.  It is your treasure Trove of what you have yet to discover about yourself.  It holds the jewels of that potential.  All moments in life are asking you to rise-up and meet yourself in a new way.

The Quantum Core Reset, like this time in isolation is asking you to rise-up, get centred in being the best version of yourself and letting go of any old pain, hurts and limitations that are holding you back. Pia Laura Civitarese

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