November 20, 2020

Written by Danielle Toranto  (Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

Our focus for this month is on men’s health; so why not on emotion?

Do you need a reason to reset? Take a couple of slow, mindful breaths and have a read about how our emotions can affect our body and mind…

The Chinese have long held the view that the emotions have a very real role in causing disease. It is only in the last decade that the role of stress and emotion has even been acknowledged as a risk factor in disease in Western medicine. During recent times it may be that some of that stress could be impacting you in ways you would not think of and you may be holding it in your muscles… neck and shoulders? Face? Scalp? Upper back? Or somewhere deeper still?

What are the Seven emotions in Chinese Medicine?

Joy, anger, sadness, worry, pensiveness (overthinking), fear and shock.

The arrows below show a link to which emotion may cause damage and reach the internal organ if they exceed the body’s ability to self adjust. Yes they are normal emotions in the human experience but cause problems if there is excess.

Joy ⇄ Heart

Anger / Frustration  ⇄ Liver

Grief ⇄ Lungs

Worry/ Overthinking/ Pensiveness  ⇄ Spleen

Fear ⇄ Kidneys

What can we do daily to balance ourselves during this time of change?

Take 3 deep breaths and let go of all that is in your mind as you breathe out.

Gentle movement, be it yoga, tai chi or walking.

Try a considered walk for 10 minutes concentrating on the rise and fall of your feet… this is moving meditation!


Of course you can also try some acupuncture and Chinese massage to help ‘shift’ any stuck energy and reset the mind and body.


If you would like to book an appointment with Danielle she is available in clinic on Tuesday’s 9am to 2pm.  You can call the clinic on (03) 5429 3610 or book online by clicking the link below.





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