September 5, 2020

Written by Camille Scott – Remedial Massage Therapist

Whether you are a regular massage enthusiast, or you only get one when you’re in pain, there are certain tricks you can employ both before and after your massage that can extend the life of the physical benefits and your post massage relaxation bliss…

  • Probably the most important in the list is this: Let your Massage Therapist know what you want.

A good MT will talk to you about your goals and cater the treatment to your needs and if they feel that you would benefit from a different approach they’ll be able to recommend a modality that can help. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you like, where you want to focus and what kind of pressure you prefer and likewise if you would prefer to leave something out like having your feet massaged, let them know!

  • Remember to breathe

This one is especially important if you are a big fan of Deep tissue massage. Long, deep breathing into your belly not only adds to your feelings of relaxation but allows your body to relax and release tension during your session which in turn allows your MT to get into all those sore spots.

  • Begin to relax before you get there

A pre-massage shower can really work wonders on the state of your mind and body, it gives you an opportunity to wind down before you get to your appointment which means you spend less of your actual massage time trying to relax or letting go of your day. You could even add in a shower mediation (see below) to set yourself up for ultimate relaxation.

  • Allow time for rest and recovery afterwards

Give yourself a relaxation buffer zone after your treatment and allow yourself some quiet time to reset. A hot Epsom salt bath is the perfect way to keep your mind still and to help your muscles recover.

  • Stay hydrated

When dehydrated, your muscles receive less blood flow which can cause them to contract, making you more likely to experience fatigue, pain and stiffness…the very opposite of what we’re trying to achieve! So, keep some water handy or indulge in your favourite herbal teas.

  • Maintain regular sessions

Less is not more in the case of massage; the benefits are accumulative and experienced over time especially if you’ve been dealing with a condition for a long time. Long term regular massage can help prevent injury, aid in recovery, boost feelings of wellbeing and decrease feelings of stress. The perfect addition to your self-care journey.


If you’re feeling well overdue for your next massage session, bookings with Camille can be made via In Symmetry Romsey Wellness Centre on (03) 54293610 or follow the link below:-


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