August 27, 2020

Written by Jen Frankcombe-Campbell – Crystal Reiki, Children’s Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach

How many times have you done a detox or a cleanse and felt great but not complete?? I have spent years on my own healing journey, during this time I have also studied different areas in health and wellness and feel it is now time to blend it all together!

My awesome new program will run for 6 weeks and the best part is that you can start when you’re ready! In these 6 weeks you will experience a whole body cleanse through Nutrition, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki Healings, Body Movement, Mindfulness, Meditations and Breath Work.

The program also includes 3 consultations, a 2 week meal plan, recipes, health, fitness & wellness tips and ongoing support. The aim is bring back balance into your body, whilst cleansing and removing what no longer serves you. Once you have completed your 6 weeks, you have the option to continue into smaller programs which are specifically tailored to issues such as; weight-loss, weight-gain, depression, anxiety, sleep, self-love etc!!

2020 has been a rough year for most of us and we generally take outside stressors into our bodies and we don’t release it. When we hold on to toxic thoughts, foods, drinks, people, objects it tends to create harm and unease within us. This can show in an array of different ways like stress, headaches, aches & pains, gut issues, brain fog, exhaustion, sleep issues, illness and sometimes dis-ease.

Below is a few samples of what you will find on this journey!

Reiki has some amazing benefits:

~ Improves sleep and quality of sleep.

~ Helps to balance emotions and ability to handle them.

~ Relieves muscle tension and soreness.

~ Eases joint pain and stiffness.

~ Helps with healing autoimmune dis-eases.

~ Improves digestive system issues.

~ Great for depression and anxiety.

~ Helps to improve mental clarity and brain fog.

~ Balances chakras to create body harmony.

~ Helps move stuck energy. 

Breathe – Sounds easy enough yeah? But sometimes we aren’t breathing deep enough to get the oxygen into our blood to help relieve stress. Upon waking with your eyes still closed, take 10 deep and fulfilling breaths. In through your nose and out through your nose, really being present with your breath. Make your last breath out through your mouth. You can also do this at any time during the day.

Life is hard and we need to learn how to embrace ourselves, our emotions, our strengths and our weakness, we need to give us back our power. We need to calm our minds, meditate, create, express ourselves appropriately, to love our bodies, to heal, to treat others with compassion and understanding, from here we can create a magical moment!!!

You can find out more details as I pop them up on my Facebook  and Instagram pages!

Jen xx

In Symmetry has many practitioners of different modalities to support you both physically and emotionally. We encourage you to reach out if you need us and we will assist however we can.   You can book an appointment by calling the clinic on (03) 5429 3610 or book online by clicking the link below.

If you are struggling during this time LIFELINE is always there 24/7 for those who need help: 13 11 14




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