• Diploma in Kinesiology – Kinesiology (PKP) Professional Kinesiology Program
  • Energetic Reiki Level 1,2
  • Aromatic Kinesiology Level 1,2,3
  • Essences (Bach/Bush)
  • Resonate Essences Practitioner
  • Aromatic Profusion
  • Certificate II in Clinical Aromatherapy – Essential Therapeutics
  • Certificate IV Anthroposophy
  • Energy Healing – Spectrum Healing, Crystals, Teaching of
  • Other advanced Kinesiology seminars
    • Applied Programmes on Glands and Hormones
    • Kinesiology – Quantum Neurology,
  • Auric Alignment

Pia Laura’s passion is to work with clients to explore finding their best version of themselves. To live life from a more centred place, to be able to enjoy life and feel more fulfilled.  Being in that centred space also enables you to respond to what is occurring rather than reacting from old habits in your thinking and emotions.

Her work is heart and spirit based using metaphors and archetypal energies to see what is being magnetised toward or away from the life they desire to live.

The language of the heart, soul and spirit talks to us in pictures, feeling and emotions, yet we have been taught to be rational, logical and ignore the intuitive impulses. The logic and rational faculties can be used in conjunction with the heart to discern what feels right from an empowered position.

With the clarity of mind, body and heart you can be more discerning in your choices of what is truly important in life.  You become more present to yourself and with the people you interact with your world.  A more contented life and heart.

Pia Laura sees her sole as being able to facilitate the space and process so you, the client, can see into the heart of what is going on for you, so that true connection and lasting healing can occur.

Throughout various roles in life such as a well paying corporate career, Pia Laura has faced some life changing health choices which  became the catalyst for her to review and change the direction of her life into Kinesiology.

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