July 24, 2019

Written by Hannah Sutton

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine we take a holistic approach to well-being, placing a strong emphasis on disease prevention and health maintenance.  The ultimate goal of a practitioner is to help preserve the health of their patients through the various transitions in life and significant health events whether it is a seasonal change, grief from a loss, pain/injury or another significant health problem.

Western medicine approach to health care in mainly focused on our physical body function.  With Eastern medicine we not only try to improve the physical function of the body, but we also work on managing the patient’s energy.   Energy is what we are made of and it is what connects us to all of life.  In terms of “Wellness” and disease prevention, how we manage our energy is of upmost importance to achieving good health.  Once a person starts to manage their energy better, their life and physical health tends to improve also – you become more present and centred in your life.

Chinese Medicine appreciates that we are part of, not separate from the earth and the natural cycles and rhythms of nature.  We see these changes in everyday life – night/day, change of the seasons, hot/cold, life/death, fast/slow etc.  In nature there are always two opposite yet complementary energies at play in order to balance itself – Yin & Yang.   Our body also contains this innate self-regulating intelligence but in order to access this healing intelligence we need to slow down, become very still and allow our mind to accept it.  This means we need to make time for regular periods of “stillness”.  This is to balance out the faced paced demands of modern life and the lifestyle “dis-ease” that can arise as a result.

How can we begin to process and better manage our energy?

Having regular acupuncture “tune-ups” can be your commitment to maintaining your own inner balance.  Once the needles are in place the practitioner will often step out of the room to allow you the space to let go of your body and mind to allow its self-regulating intelligence to take over.  Take the hour to become still, re-centre and balance your bodies energetic field.   You will often “feel” the energy shifting in your body, much like a waterbed that has been disturbed and it gradually becomes still again once it has balanced.

For energetic re-balancing, maintaining wellness and prevention of disease it is recommended to have Acupuncture “tune-ups”.  By better maintaining your energy and making a commitment to yourself to lead a healthier life you will often see improvements in all aspects of your life.   You may notice that you feel happier, more confident and less overwhelmed.  Your work/study performance may improve.  Emotional health and personal relationships flourish.  Inner balance naturally results in outer harmony.

During the treatment your practitioner will aim to help you: –

    • Let go of the day to day stress and tension that has built up in your body
    • Tune in and become present to your energy
    • Help your body transition between the seasons
    • Clear underlying emotional blockages that are draining your energy or causing distress
    • Treat any physical symptoms that are currently manifesting and prevent them from becoming a chronic issue.

    How often should I come in for a “tune-up”?

    How often do you book your car in for a service?  Our car needs regular TLC in order to prevent it breaking down – oil change, wheel alignment, new battery etc.  Brand new cars need less attention than a vintage car and if your car is doing lots of kilometers every week you will need to book it in for a service more often.

    Our body is much the same as a car, how often you come in for a tune up varies greatly between individuals.  Finding your sweet spot for maintenance care is discovered by how long you can go between appointments before you start to feel your body getting out of balance.  Don’t worry, once you have experienced the energetic shift of an acupuncture treatment you will know what this feels like.

    Most patients do best when they come in for monthly treatments, others can go 6-8 weeks between treatments.  Alternatively, some patients feel they only need to come in every 3-4 months in order to feel great and help their body transition through the seasons.  Everybody is different.

    Ready to try acupuncture for yourself?

    Book an appointment today and see how acupuncture can benefit your health :0)  Call the clinic on (03) 5429 3610 or you can also book online.

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