June 4, 2017

Do you have scars on your body that feel numb, painful or strange in comparison to your normal skin.

Do they appear red or raised looking very different to your normal coloured skin?

Have you felt low in energy or off balance ever since having an operation?

In Chinese medicine it is very important to treat scars on the body in order to help with transformations in treatment. We see that scars can block treatment progress so we perform something that is called scar bridging. When you look at the meridians or pathways on an acupuncture point chart you will see lots lines traversing the body. These lines are pathways which carry the body’s vital energy or what we term as Qi (pronounced Chi). Surgical cuts or severe traumas which cause scars can cause a blockages in a pathway OR many pathways.

In order to open up the pathway/s again we need to “bridge” the scar using a heat treatment called moxa to warm up the area together with acupuncture. This invigorates the Qi & Blood in the area of the scar to promote your own body’s healing capabilities.

A scar crossing many pathways can cause many symptoms in different organs. They may be just minor things ie. tingling sensations down the leg or they can create very poor circulation to a whole leg.

Sometimes midline scars can cause digestive issues. Ceaserian scars can inhibit a woman’s ability to conceive, lower libido &/or affect her menstrual health. The key is that the problems were not there before the surgery or injury. The symptoms are not always immediate, they can take time to evolve due to the circulation being impeded. Therefore you sometimes miss that the symptom had anything to do with the surgery.

The scar you see does not accurately reflect what is below the surface.



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