October 2, 2019

Written by Jen Frankcombe-Campbell

Who else is glad Winter is over??!!!

I cannot express how excited I am for warmer days and beautiful sunshine.

A big factor for feeling the Winter blues is Vitamin D deficiency..

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption as it regulates calcium levels in the blood and Vit D also helps with the growth and maintenance of health bones. Deficiency can lead to bone and joint pain; osteoporosis,  which occurs more in the elderly putting them at greater risk for falls and fractures. Unborn children may be impacted via Vitamin D deficient mothers.

People with autoimmune dis-eases and other medical conditions can also have an impact on Vitamin D levels.

Over Winter most of us (except the lucky peeps who live up North in the sunshine) don’t get enough exposure to sunshine.

The body cannot make its own Vitamin D, which means we need to supplement this, unless our body is absorbing it through sunlight.  Some foods such as salmon, tuna, liver and egg yolks contain vitamin D, but unfortunately they don’t provide adequate amounts.

But remember to limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen that contains zinc oxide (yes it is thicker and you generally end up a little white, but it is much better for your skin!).

People with Vitamin D deficiency may have symptoms such as:



Bone and joint pain,

Back pain, generally lower back,

Brain fog,

Depression and anxiety,

Bone loss,

Hair loss & become sick quite often.

If you’re feeling any of these symptoms a full blood examination will be able to determine if you are deficient in vitamin D.

I found out that I had a vitamin D deficiency and found this great supplement to support me with my autoimmune dis-ease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

It is a practitioner only brand, BioCeuticals D3+K2 spray. Daily recommended intake is 1,000IU – 2,000IU daily for those with a deficiency, but may vary depending on the level of deficiency (always consult a Doctor or Pharmacist).

The vitamin K helps put the calcium in the bones, the vitamin D helping get it to the site of absorption, yay for teamwork!. Vitamin K is also great for cardiovascular health and can also be found in beetroots (one of my fave veggies!).

Now is the time to go outside and enjoy this fabulous sunshine, just remember to be sun smart and have fun!!

Cheers Jen xx





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