March 6, 2019

Written by Jessica Jackman

Most of us will experience a headache at some point in our lives. For some people they are debilitating and relentless; for others maybe a rare, mild annoyance. Getting any type of headache assessed by a primary care practitioner is important to determine the cause and possible treatment plan to help with the pain.

A headache can stem from various sources including the TMJ (jaw), neck, upper back, sinuses, or tension in any or all of these areas. Restriction or tightness in these areas can result in pain and discomfort around the head and neck. Treatment to the areas of tightness and/or restriction may help with your headache’s symptoms.

Osteopaths draw on techniques such as soft tissue massage, trigger point release, joint and muscle movement, stretching and sometimes manipulation to help relieve these stresses on the musculoskeletal system. They can also provide lifestyle advice to try and prevent them from recurring, including exercises and stretches to keep you feeling good.

Headaches can also be the result of hormonal, neurological or heart-related symptoms. This is why we take a detailed case history and examination to determine whether treatment is a good option for you, or if referral back to the GP is required.

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