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Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine, single use sterile needles (on average 0.18mm thick) into specific locations on the body called acupoints. Acupuncture points are located along 12 main channels called meridians, which run vertically along the front and back of the body. This meridian system is a network of ‘vessels’ for the flow of the body’s life-force called Qi (pronounced Chee). The acupoints are where Qi can be accessed and influenced. Acupuncture promotes the movement of Qi & Blood, strengthens weakness, reduces excesses & stimulates the body’s own healing response. After conducting a comprehensive Chinese Medicine diagnosis, the practitioner will select acupuncture points on various points of the body to help restore and maintain your body’s natural balance. Acupuncture treatments are generally painless. The sensation associated with needle insertion is a dull ache which lasts for a millisecond, after which you will not feel any needle sensation. Needles are then retained for 10-30 minutes, during which time you will be allowed to relax, close your eyes, meditate or sleep while the acupuncture takes effect.

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