Get ‘unstuck’ quickly – enabling realistic solutions for your life ‘stucks’, whoever you are.  Workshops and Advisory, Individuals, Couples, Teams and Workplaces.

A unique range of programs and ways to enthuse, unstick, up-level, liberate and empower individuals, teams, organisations and communities for greater vitality and in accordance with their goals and directives and their highest potential.   Offering a range of appointments and programs, including a 10 minute discovery phone chat. Appointments are available online and face to face.


Universally, everyone performs at a higher standard with personalised coaching. Forget the ‘tick a box’ blanket course approach to personal or professional development.

One-on-one Coaching is a highly personalised process that provides a safe space for profound personal insights. Go from stuck to unstuck.  Remove unhelpful behaviour patterns and see situations from a fresh perspective. Cultivate lasting wisdom. Together we set meaningful goals and develop powerful strategies that enable you to be the very best you.


Margo is a solution focussed brief therapist (yes this is a type of therapy).  The foundation of her work is a belief and understanding that we behave in ways to avoid pain and that more resourceful solutions and behaviours are always possible.  Some people call me a ‘life midwife’. Margo is NOT a psychologist – she doesn’t look for what is wrong with you.  She looks for what you are doing and why and facilitate understanding and optimised solutions and options.

Margo is also a highly experienced Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, 30 year experienced meditation facilitator, certified trainer and more. People seek her out about their ‘life stucks’. Margo rekons we are all here to learn how to be happier and better humans. Having ‘issues’ is a normal part of life.

She brings a very big picture understanding gained from studying metaphysics and the human condition from Masters including Gregg Braden ( Ken and Elizabeth Mellor ( the HeartMath Institute ( Dr Joe Dispenza (

Brene Brown (, Karla McLaren  Milton Erickson foundation and many more.

Margo offers free 10-minute consult for new clients, which is a great way to see if we clique and whether I may be able to help unstick you.  She is also available for online Zoom consultations – which can be booked through her own dedicated website –




Initial Consultation (75min) $176
Return Consultation (60min) $165
Couples Counselling (90min) $198
Packages of 3 or 5 appointments available at a reduced rate. ** Free 10min on the phone check in discussion available Click here to view our terms
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