Crystal reiki incorporates crystals with their energies and the energy from reiki in a healing. It allows body and mind healing in a safe and respected environment. Reiki is a peaceful practice that allows a deep healing within, clearing your mind and freeing your spirit. Reiki practitioners do not use their own energy in healing but that of the universal energy.
Understanding energy and the different kinds of energy that we encounter in everyday life is essential for a practitioner. This allows them to be able to empathise with clients and sense changes in their energy field. In reiki we allow the energy to move through the body to where the healing needs to occur, along with balancing 7 chakras.

Crystal Reiki is a safe practice and suitable for all ages. In a reiki session a client may feel a whole body calmness wash over them, just like being in a meditative space. They may also experience a warm or cool sensation, tingles and a static electricity feeling in the area I am working. Practitioners may practice with a hands on or hands off approach, however both ways are just as effective.

Reiki has some amazing benefits:

~ Improves sleep and quality of sleep.

~ Helps to balance emotions and ability to handle them.

~ Relieves muscle tension and soreness.

~ Eases joint pain and stiffness.

~ Helps to improve mental clarity and brain fog.

~ Balances chakras to create body harmony.

~ Helps move stuck energy and more….



Reiki – Adult (60min) $85
Reiki – Adult (30min) $65
Reiki – Children (45min) $65
Reiki – Children (30min) $65
Chakra Balancing - Adult/Children (30min) $65
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