Chinese herbs are effective in treating a wide range of health conditions with little to no side effects. It is based on a rich body of knowledge developed over thousands of years of clinical practice. For almost any health condition your body can create, there is an herbal formula that is designed specifically to target that problem.

A prescription containing 5-20 will be tailored specifically for your health requirements. The term ‘herbs’ encompasses plant material, minerals and a small number of animal products.

Herbal formulas can be prepared in several different forms and are generally taken morning & night: –

RAW HERBS: A bag of herbs in raw form that you boil & then drink the remaining liquid, called a decoction. This process can be time consuming & the taste unpalatable. Its strengths lie in the fact that it is quickly and easily absorbed into the body, can be tailored to your specific needs and provides excellent therapeutic benefits.

GRANULES: Herbs are concentrated & powdered for ease of use. They can be simply dissolved in water & taken. Due to the amount of processing involved in their production they tend to be more expensive than raw herbs but provide comparable results to the raw herbs.

TINCTURE: Herbs are steeped in an alcohol solution for several weeks. This removes the need for boiling herbs but formulas are less tailored.

PATENT PILLS: Traditional herbal formulas processed into pills. They are a convenient way to take herbal medicine and useful for people who are time poor or who have a sensitive palate to drinking herbs. Pills are not as potent as raw or granule herbs & less tailored.



Initial Consultation (60min) $80
Return Consultations (30min) $55
Short Consultation (15min) $35
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