Kinesiology may be understood as a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

Kinesiology is: –

    • comprehensive and wholistic natural therapy and combines the wisdom of both eastern and western traditions.
    • a feedback tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas.
    • the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology.
    • uses muscles as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body.
    • enables people to detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries, and other issues they meet in their daily life.
    • a tool which allows you to enhance your performance in every aspect of your life. Kinesiology can enhance learning in adults and children.
    • boosts sports performance.
    • can make positive changes to your health.
    • helps you to determine things (eg. a food or shampoo etc.) that trigger allergic or a sensitivity reaction
    • can help you with your finances and decision-making.
    • is a communication tool because it can help you communicate better with yourself and others
    • Muscle Monitoring accesses information often not available to the conscious mind.



Longer Consultation session (90min) $210
Standard Consultation (60min) $140
Short Consultation (30min) $75
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