A qualified naturopath is a practitioner who has undertaken and completed a degree in Naturopathy at a recognised university and is a member of a natural medicine association. A naturopath uses herbs and nutrients, as well as diet and lifestyle advice to support you through illness and to help you understand how to be a conscious part of your own healing.

People come to see a Naturopath for similar reasons they see a doctor. Whether it be gut complaints, constipation, diarrhoea, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, the common cold, an immune infection, a skin rash, a yeast infection or something more sever such as high cholesterol, auto-immune disorders or reproductive issues, the right Naturopath should be able to help you.

Naturopathy differs from mainstream medicine in its aim to treat the cause and not the symptoms. While many medical doctors may prescribe ant-acids for reflux, a naturopath will examine what is causing the reflux. They will look at ongoing stress that may be creating an underproduction of digestive enzymes, or a reaction to a certain food that is causing bloating, resulting in pressure pushing the stomach acid into the oesophagus.

A Naturopath will then address this cause e.g. stress, and support the production of digestive enzymes using herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements and dietary advice or identifying the foods that are causing your bloating and educate on alternative dietary sources.



Initial Consultation (60min) $90
Return Consultation (30min) $60
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